Thursday, November 10, 2011

Waxing Philosophical and Lighting??

Recently, a friend and I were waxing 
philosophical about the top 5 things 
that enrich this experience we call life.

As simple as it may sound, 
we agreed that falling into a great
bed at the end of the day is 
pretty important.

Can you list your top 5 things that 
make life worthwhile for you?



  1. Agreed: 1) A really comfortable bed!
    2) Friends and family
    3) Living a simple life in the country
    4) Being surrounded by the beauty and history I see each day in my studio
    5) Enjoying a simple cup of cappuccino each morning...hey a girl has to get started off on the right foot each day!

  2. 1. Family and good supportive friends
    2. A warm and comfortable home
    3. Personal fulfillment, doing things that mean something to me
    4. Good health (that should be first)
    5. Having goals and dreams, keeps me going!

    Good post and thanks for getting my mind woken up this morning.....can I add a 6th? My beloved coffee!!!!

  3. 1. A conversation with my best friend, God.

    2. A wonderful and loving husband.

    3. My grand children.

    4. That first cup of cafe creme in the morning.

    5. Being able to get out of bed. LOL And I do mean that literally!

    I love your post! Sometimes we all need to be reminded of what is really important in our lives.


  4. Thanks for leaving a comment on our blog. Hands down, number one important thing in my life is my faith, family and friends. A comfortable bed is right up there!

  5. I agree that a great bed is of paramount importance, Cindy! Enjoy your wknd.

  6. I would definitely say a great bed is important...along with good friends, health, humor and my dogs. A good cup of coffee is right up there :)


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