Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Great Way to Keep Your Home Spring Clean

Experts say that allergy related problems like asthma are on the increase.  No one really understands why because outdoor air quality is better than it has been in years.  Considerable attention is being given to indoor air quality.  No VOC or Low VOC finishes are being used in attempt to battle  SBS (Sick Building Syndrome).  VOC is the term given things like paint and glue that have off-gassing.  There are exciting new products that can be used to protect your indoor air quality and help the planet at the same time.

One of the coolest ways to keep your rooms "spring" clean, is to use slip covers that can be easily removed and laundered.  It's also a really pretty look that gives you the versatility to change the vibe of your room seasonally if you desire.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Spring Cleaning...Re-Fresh Your Home

The rays of sun come streaming into this room making it feel bright and lovely.  No matter how much of a sun worshiper you are, the sun's rays need to be controlled.  These windows are covered with soft peach fabric and have been hung in such a way to allow a small puddle on the floor.

The puddle is a lovely effect, but can become a cleaning issue.  At Cindy Albert Interiors, I offer my clients a cleaning service for their drapery.  We will either vacuum your drapery on site or gladly remove them, take them to our favorite "green" cleaner and then re-install them.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Beauty of Natural Light

Monet spent his life studying light and its effect on landscape.  In design, light has the power to impact us emotionally and physically.  The multitude of white or light surfaces in this bathroom allows the natural light to bounce around the room making this space feel clean, organized and cheerful.

Because we use bathrooms for different tasks, we need different types of lighting.  The lighting on a mirror is primarily used for makeup or shaving.  Ideally fixtures should be mounted on either side of a central mirror. This allows for light to be evenly distributed across your face. The fixtures should be mounted at eye level and approximately 36–40" apart. This helps to eliminate shadows under the eyes and chin.

When installing fixtures on either side of the mirror is not optimal due to size and installation constraints, the next best option is to install fixtures directly over the vanity (approximately 75–80" above the floor). In certain cases, horizontal fixtures can be used in conjunction with the vertical lights to give additional overall illumination to the space.