Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday's News

Here in the great O.C., we are known for amazing weather, beautiful beaches, lots of surfers, great shopping malls, artists, Laguna Beach, Disneyland and I can go on and on.  However, in the past few years a dark cloud seemed to move across our skies as we watched business after business close their doors.  So it is with a cautious sigh of relief that I read this mornings paper. 

I keep hearing rumors that one of the biggest issues in real estate is that there are so few properties on the market.  Does this mean what I'm hoping it means.  Will developers/builders/investors strive to meet the demand for more housing?  

Will this mean more jobs?

I decided to surf the net to see what some of the new homes in Orange County are looking like.  I think we have a unique design style called "California Casual."  Some of the following homes are a good example of that style.

I've included some pics of a beautiful new golf course.  With our beautiful weather, Southern California is the perfect place to live the "Golf Lifestyle."






 So, does this news make you as happy as it does me?  Did you see a favorite room setting?

Hope you are having an awesome Sunday!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Hospitality Lighting

Sometimes life surprises by taking you in a direction you never expected.  When I started out as an interior designer, I planned to design beautiful homes.  As fate would have it, a hotel project near Disneyland came my way.  After working with the owner, general manager and the architect for a year, Phase 1 is finally under way.  There is not much to show on my project right now, so I will show you another nice project.  This blog started out as a way to bring attention to the lighting.  There are some nice lighting details in the following pics.  May I present Hotel Paradis in Paris.

Their website offers this introduction:

The Hôtel Paradis is ideally located in a typically Parisian street situated half way between the Gare du Nord railway station and the prestigious Opéra Garnier in Paris. The nearby Grands Boulevards are perfect for shopping and evening entertainment with an array of theatres and cinemas. Direct metro links will take you to Notre-Dame Cathedral, the historical Saint-Germain district or Montmartre in no time


 I LOVE, LOVE how the front desk was designed to look like vintage trunks.

Please weigh in, do you like the vibe?