Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Segreto Finishes by Leslie Sinclair

One of my clients loaned me the book "Segreto" by Leslie Sinclair.

The following images are from her website.  I absolutely love
the feeling of these rooms.  Her color combinations are so 
soft and harmonious.

This same client is struggling with what color to paint her walls.
The color we chose looks blah next to the existing chocolate 

So, to all the designers in blog land, what are some of your
secrets for choosing the perfect color?

All the chandeliers and wall sconces are wonderful.

If you have not seen Leslie's book, I recommend checking
it out.


  1. After seeing these imagges I'm off to purchase the book...wow!

  2. Boy, I am going to have to find this book too! I love these images. They are simply stunning.


  3. Unfortunately...the problem is that there are so many wonderful colors to choose from!!! I think picking a color that is next to chocolate is tough. What about something in the beachy green color???
    Love these images...


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