Sunday, October 2, 2011

Tiffany Blue

Tiffany Blue or Robin's Egg Blue...

So, I'm still working on my Law Firm.
We are testing colors for an accent wall in the
reception area and the lead attorney's office.
What I know is that Sherwin William's Tiffany Blue
is grey, not blue.  Where did they get their name from??

So, I decided to go to Tiffany's in South Coast Plaza.  I walked in
and all eyes turned to me.  I was the only person in the store and the
security guard eyed me suspiciously.  I meekly told the sales person
who greeted me that all I was after was their brochure so I could
have a sample of their signature color.  They kindly indulged me
as they could see that I was carrying a painters fan deck.

My next stop was Nordstrom's to check out the boots.  This
was totally unrelated to my project, but my fan deck caught the
attention of several sales folks and they were very curious to know
what I was working on.  One salesman was excited to tell me
about the condo he just bought.  I guess that is the reason I chose
design as a profession.  I love that I can help people with
something that touches them so profoundly.


  1. Hi Cindy,

    Ah ha! Really it was the boots you were after! I have seen so many variations on the color Tiffany Blue. It is a gorgeous color and I am curious as to what you have planned for that accent wall?

    I hope you will share the results!


  2. Funny about walking into Tiffany's they have the same reaction in NYC too. The color is to die for in that bathroom and I have the same dark wood floors....might be a thought. Did you ever figure the color out?

    Enjoy the rest of your evening,

  3. I hope you share photos of the color you picked!

    1. Hi Leslie,

      I will see if I can get a picture of the final project.


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