Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Place of Mystery

The bed is a place of mystery.
It shares our secrets and knows our truths.
It is here that we are born.
As our lives unfold and we grow older, our relationship with the bed deepens and evolves.
Thresholds of experience are crossed here--we encounter the solitude of childhood,
embrace the passionate dreams of youth, and mature into the comfortable realities
of love and marriage.
Our refuge through happiness and pleasure, sickness and pain, the bed
accompanies us throughout life, until in death it becomes a metaphor
for our final rite of passage.

Pillow Talk

I found this on a favorite blog -- it made me cry. 

27 years ago today...
I married my best friend, my lover, my trainee, my teacher to all things I never knew, my planner, my tour guide, the father to my children, my partner on this earth and not on this earth~
Everyday, every single morning during our pillow talk we planned our dreams, built our life & still are happily ever after....


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Great Office Furniture--Home or Commercial

My passion for design started with an interior designer turned author.  Alexandra Stoddard inspired me through her many books.  She is an "Art of Living" guru.  It was because of her that I decided to return to school and earn a degree in design.  Alexandra's message is that our environments play a large role in our feelings well being.  One of her most important messages is that we tend to spend the majority of our budgets on spaces that we rarely use--formal living rooms.  She believes that joy was to be found in the day to day living.  She admonishes her readers to cultivate meaningful rituals.  For example, she loves puttering in her garden and cutting fresh flowers.  She's so over the top regarding flowers that she even keeps them in her refrigerator.

Like Alexandra my career has focused to a large degree on residential design.  However, there is more and more attention being given the quality of our work spaces.  We spend such a large part of our lives working that it makes perfect sense that our offices should be beautiful too. 

I've posted the following pictures with information about an exciting business in Southern California.  2010 Office Furniture offers a great selection of office furniture with a variety of price points.  In addition to great products, their designers are world-class.   

These training and meeting tables offer affordable pricing and selection.  With a variety of price points, surface shapes, and finishes to choose from, these tables are the ideal choice as your complete source for modular table systems.

Welcome to 2010 Office Furniture - The fit and function of your office furniture should never be an afterthought. By carefully choosing the right furniture and accessories for your office space, you can create a positive work environment in which your staff can be comfortable, productive, and happy. 

At 2010 Office Furniture, not only are we passionate about sourcing the highest quality office furniture, but we make sure our clients receive exceptional services that are exemplary and first rate. We have worked hard to build close relationships with all the leading furniture manufacturers, allowing us to combine their experience and expertise along with our own. Our team of highly qualified specialists collectively has over 45 years of experience, and are well acquainted with servicing some of the top, most distinguished business companies in Southern California. In addition, our strong ties to modern aesthetics, as well as our dedication to good interior design, ensure our clients that their project end-result is nothing short of sublime.

Providing superior quality solutions as well as services second to none are at the core of our mission. We aspire to create extraordinary workspaces that will not only inspire our clients, but exceed their highest of expectations.