Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Layered Light

This kitchen is a great example of layered lighting.  There is recessed
lighting for general ambient lighting, under counter lighting for tasks and
pendants for decorative accent.

They probably have all these layers on Lutron dimmers.  If they
wanted to, they could control all these layers from their i-pad.


  1. Cindy looks like I got my lighting right then, because we have the exact same lighting, in the cabinets, overhead, two lanterns (coming in future), under cabinet lights...we got it covered. Beautiful kitchen!

  2. Love all the layered lighting. It makes for such a bright and sunny looking room. With winter coming, I like to see bright rooms, it makes those winter days when the sun has gone into hiding less drearier.


  3. An you know you can't get enough layered light in a kitchen. Plenty of light needed when you are preparing foods, and less light when you are hiding the untidiness...:-)


  4. I didn't know it was called the layered look but looks like I got it right in my kitchen. Never realized how much I was working in the dark until we renovated our kitchen and brought in light.


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