Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Design in Chicago

 We took a little trip to see USC play Notre Dame...

We traveled to Chicago the day after the 60 mile an hour winds
wreaked havoc at the airport...

Stayed at the Park Hyatt.  It was amazing!! 

We had a view of the water tower.

I would describe the design  and decor of the Hyatt as
understated elegance.

The lighting was amazing!  It was layered and dimmed to
perfection!  There were sliding doors from the bathroom
to the bedroom.  Although the doors were a beautiful
mahogany wood, I'm guessing the inspiration was Japanese
Soji screen doors.  They had chunky votives for perfect
ambiance and Neroli 36 bath products, ooh la la... 


The bed was probably one of the best I've ever slept in or anything
in (wink).  There was a feather bed beneath us, a duvet to cover us
and wonderful feather pillows...

Note to self:  Need to buy a feather bed of my own!

We ate at the Purple Pig.  They have a unique menu so we let
our waiter choose for us. It was all delicious--so much fun!! In
addition to the food we watched the people and analyzed the
decor.  I gave their lighting an A+.  :)

We amused ourselves with plenty of shopping.  Chicago has
the best winter coats!  We were afraid we would be miserably
cold at the football game.  As it turned out it was a beautiful day
and a beautiful evening.  We were exited to watch as these
two great teams came together for another historical match.

I was amazed at the Notre Dame campus.  It is breathtakingly

USC played a great game!

And, as if that wasn't enough excitement, when we got back to
the Park Hyatt at 2:00 AM there was a crowd of people in front
of the door all holding Duran Duran albums.  We walked
passed the crowd, into the lobby toward the elevator and then
proceeded to share the elevator with two of the band members.
(Not 100% sure what their names were)

I had an incredible time!!!!  Some times I have to laugh at
myself.  A month ago, when we were climbing Half Dome
in Yosemite, I realized I had not fully thought through how
scared I was going to be. 

Now that my trip to Chicago is over, I realize that I didn't
fully understand before or during how amazing this trip was
going to be.  I am so grateful for the opportunity!!


  1. Cindy it sounds like it was an amazing time, good for you. I’ve never stayed at the Park Hyatt but will next time I’m in Chicago looks great. I was in an elevator one time with George Carlin but for the life of me I couldn’t remember who he was until he introduced himself…I knew I had seen him before….lol, he was nice.

  2. Fight On! Proud to be a Trojan. I have always wanted to attend that game.

    Thanks for stopping by A Curated Lifestyle and commenting on Sherry's 10 Things I Believe.


  3. Cindy,

    We use to live about an hour from downtown Chicago and made trips usually monthly to shop the Magnificent Mile. We would get up early and usually have lunch at the Cheesecake Factory or Gino's pizza. It was always an exhilarating trip. So many wonderful place's to visit.

    I especially loved visiting Shedd's Aquarium and the Museum. It was always WINDY~ and COLD up there with plenty of snow and we shoveled all the time! LOL Still though, it is a beautiful city!



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