Friday, October 7, 2011

Industrial Chic with Lighting Challenges

The first two pictures are of the ceiling at the law firm
that I am working on.  The walls are actually grey.
I'm not sure why they look blue in this picture.

My design challenge is to get the lighting down into
the space where it is actually effective.  These ceilings
are about 20' high.  There are several lighting products
that drop from aircraft cables, but they tend to be
expensive.  I just learned that Elco has a cable system
that drops regular ol' track from aircraft cable.  Think
that's what I'm going to use.  I welcome any other

The following two pictures are very similar to the space I'm working on.

We've finally selected the color that we are saying is "inspired by"
Tiffany's signature color "Robin's Egg Blue."  We are using
 Sherwin William's "Raindrop."

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  1. What an amazing space! I love the ceiling height and the dynamics of the room.
    I wish I could help you with the wiring issue, but my degree didn't include electrical.
    It looks fantastic and I am certain it will look even more so once you are finished. Can't wait to see.

    Also, thank you for your comment on my 'Keep on Smiling' post today. Hope you drop by again.

    Have a lovely rest of the weekend.

    x Charlotta


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