Monday, October 31, 2011

Installing Your Chandelier

Do you know that ALA (American Lighting Association)
recommends that you hang a chandelier 30" above your
dining table?

This is such a beautiful space.  The chandelier is
very unusual.  Do you think it works?


  1. Agreed that the space is beautiful I'll even say it works in the space with the design on the drapes. But it doesn't go with the lantern in the entry that you see so clearly. On a personal note the chandelier isn't my taste but they didn't ask my

    I hope you enjoyed your football Cindy!

  2. I have heard that chandeliers in the dining room should hang at 30". I always did mine at that length.

    Pretty room and an interesting chandelier.


  3. Hey Cindy,

    Thought I would pop over to you, too! Your blog is beautiful! This IS a gorgeous room. Actually that chandelier looks a bit higher than 30", but that's okay, especially with a higher ceiling. We usually use the 30" as a starting point and then eyeball where we like it the best. Love the colors! And I like that its a bit unexpected and the juxtaposition of contemporary elements with more traditional ones. It works!

    best ~ Laurel


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