Monday, December 16, 2013

Very Sweet Gift -- Great Under The Tree Or Stocking Stuffer

Ho Ho Ho ...

These adorable cards would make a great

Artist and Illustrator, Danusia Keusder,
has just launched this great line of 
"Sorority Girl" cards.

You can visit Danusia here

Just wanted to invite you all to check out my new Sorority Girls art! 

I'm selling notecards with envelopes, a pack of 8 for $22
8X10 matted prints $10.00
8X10 original art: mixed media, using watercolor, pen & ink, various fibers $65
(plus tax and shipping)

For that very custom gift, Danusia will paint a portrait of your pet.

It's getting close.  Hope everyone is enjoying their pre-Christmas 

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  1. CINDY! Hello! So nice to meet you! These cards are just lovely. I was selling my art last year on Etsy and it was so fun, but I never quite got the look in my illustrations that I wanted. I LOVE this kind of art!

    Thank you for coming to visit me tonight! It's always great to meet new people, any time of the year! I hope your preparations are going as planned? I have one more week left of teaching, then it's two weeks off from school!

    Merry Christmas, Cindy!



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