Thursday, December 19, 2013

Kitchen Curtains

Okay, so I'm not usually a DIYer.  I have always relied on my workroom to make
beautiful drapery for my clients.

This time I made an exception.  I had this Ralph Lauren Fabric and my mom's kitchen
needed a small curtain.  She needed the curtain because I had suggested she wash her
existing one and it didn't make it through the wash cycle successfully.  Ultra violet rays are so 
hard on everything.

My sister is the total opposite.  Her mantra is "I can make that"...
She has a wonderful studio where she crafts all kinds of amazing goodies.

So, it is with my sister's amazing help that I was able to make these simple curtains.


As I was surfing the internet for how to videos, one site suggested that you purchase a twin size
sheet from Walmart for drapery lining.  They only cost $5.00.  Good Tip.


  1. these and the fabric is perfect!
    Have a very Merry Christmas my friend...hope it is filled with oodles of and PEACE


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