Monday, October 21, 2013

The American Riviera

Maybe I should call this The American Riviera West.

I understand that the Hamptons have been called "The American Riviera" too.
So, which is it.  Please tell me your thoughts.

I moved away from Santa Barbara County when I was 21.
It has always been my dream to some day return (when the time was right).

Life happens...

I got married, and had kids.  Now that they are in college I'm dreaming about
my next chapter.  Time to re-design my life.  I am moving back to Santa Barbara

Here are a few pictures of the beautiful Spanish Colonial architecture that
Santa Barbara is famous for.

Santa Barbara has always been a world class destination.  
With the wine industry flourishing in central California, I think
this area will be getting a lot more attention.

I look forward to sharing my adventure.

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