Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Ebanista--one of my favs

So, Tina at The Enchanted Home got me thinking...

Today she posted about the very talented Michael S. Smith.
My interest was piqued and I spent a long time drooling over
his portfolio.  He has a wide range of styles that he does so well.
However, for me, I love, love, love his work that has a Mediterranean vibe.

Got to thinking about how enthralled I am with Barley Twist furniture.
When I Googled, "history of Barley Twist furniture," this is one of the 
definitions I found.

As far as we know, it was originally Baroque, of Spanish-Moorish origin and came to England
 from Portugal with Katherine of Braganza in1661 when she married Charles II.

This picture is from one of Michael S. Smith's projects.  I love the ceiling detail
and the Barley-Sugar Twist coffee table.

The following pics are from Ebanista.  I am a huge fan of their work!!

This picture reminds me of some of Segreto's images.  Love the
design on the back of the chair.

 Crowns and crosses always make my heart skip a beat.

 The ceiling, the floor, the furniture/fabric, the iron lighting, so 
beautifully executed!

This image intrigues because of the interesting juxtaposition of materials.  Some
of them are simple and some are quite refined.

So many people contributing to the beauty of the world...


  1. So very true and I love Michael Smith's work too. I have a stool with barley twist legs and it's a favorite piece!


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