Sunday, October 27, 2013

Corque hotel and Root 246 restaurant

Welcome to California's central coast.

This uber-cool hotel is in Solvang--Danish Village in Santa Ynez Valley.

Solvang is actually where I had my first job at age 16.  My sister and I worked at the 
glass blower's shop.  The owner was very young and would inappropriately tell his
young female employees that he was going in the back to do push-ups and
he didn't want us to sneak in the back and get underneath him.

He was probably lucky that he never got sued for sexual harassment.

Anyway, in spite of or maybe because of its colorful characters, this is a
fun place to visit.  This sleepy little valley is home to some real jewels.

The Corque hotel and Root 246 restaurant are worth taking a look at.


I can't wait to visit.  Have you been?

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