Friday, November 1, 2013

Pet Friendly Hotels

Have always admired Ann Jame's work.  Interesting note, I posted about an
uber-cool boutique hotel in Paso Robles two days ago not knowing who the project
designer was.  Well, while exploring Ann Jame's portfolio I discovered she was the designer
for the Hotel Cheval.  She appears to be a very sought after designer in the Santa Barbara/
Montecito area (lucky girl).  

Dear Ann, I am a huge fan.  Lets meet for coffee--my treat :)
If you would rather meet for a glass of wine at Hotel Cheval, that would be great too!

Following are pictures of one of her Montecito projects.  I love how she does Spanish
with a contemporary vibe.  It always looks clean and fresh.

 I remain a huge fan of Spanish Colonial design.  Recently told my sister that I absolutely have to visit
San Miguel De Allende.  A few days later she sent me an article saying that San Miguel De Allende
had been chosen the best city IN THE WORLD to visit.

And my ADD just kicked in...

This is random, but I'm wondering what you think about the trend in high-end properties
to include dogs.

 There is the best photo of a doggy water fountain on Hotel Cheval's site.

Please let me know if you travel with your dogs.  Do you have a story about a place
that treats dogs especially well?  Do they sleep on the bed with you?

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  1. We do have a dog we travel with although we've only done it once and stayed in a lovely spot in Calabasas. I will definitely keep this hotel as a possible travel spot for us, I love finding high end dog friendly hotels, and that's such a reasonable pet fee!


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