Monday, November 4, 2013

How High Do I Hang My Chandelier?

Happy Monday.  This post is totally random.  It started with this beautiful picture
of a chandelier suspended by a rope.  I was thinking that I would talk about
the American Lighting Associations recommendations for sizing chandeliers.

A very frequent search on the internet is, "How high do I hang my chandelier?"

I thought I would add some additional chandelier pictures, so I searched Google images.

Found the very fun equestrian chandelier by Ralph Lauren Lighting.

Next, I found some fun pictures of Ralph doing his best cowboy.  Even found
a picture of Ralph with Oprah.

That got me thinking about Clint Eastwood.  Damn he was a good looking guy.

Started thinking about amazing people.  Haven't these three people had totally
amazing careers/lives?

 This is the Ralph Lauren Chandelier

Below...This is such a beautiful room with an amazing chandelier.  This picture would work in Tina's contents.  Tina as in The Enchanted Home Tina.  She got an overwhelming response to her
  Blue and White contest.  The last time I checked, the room with Ralph Lauren drapery
was leading the contest.  It was indeed very  beautiful.  Made me think...hmmm  I 
could use a little boost in my ratings.  Should I offer a give-away of the 4.75 yards
 of Ralph Lauren Fabric that I've been saving for I-don't-know-what.

wha-da-ya-think?  Is there anyone interested in winning 4.75 yards of blue and white Ralph Lauren Fabric?

Anywho, I told you this was a random post.

For anyone who is interested in knowing how high the American Lighting Association recommends
hanging a chandelier above a dining room table, it is 30".

Hope you all have a wonderful Monday.  :)


  1. Cindy, it is so nice to meet you! I read your comment over at my place and thought I must pay you a visit. I loved the visit so much that now I'm following. And, Tina? She's amazing! Totally amazing. xx's

  2. Great post! That's interesting that you found the recommendation is to hang a chandelier 30" above the dining room table. It sounds about right. I heard before that people say you should hang them 60"-66" inches off the floor. I wasn't really sure how that translated though. I recently purchased some hanging chandeliers with the intent of hanging them above the table but I don't want it to be down too low. I'll try it at 30". Thanks for the tip!


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