Sunday, December 11, 2011

Lighting at the Monache


So, I get to go skiing for a couple of days.  

I like to think that I look this hot when I'm carving up the 
slopes. (wink, wink)  I use to embrace the philosophy
that even if I wasn't the best skier on the Mountain,
I could at least dress the part.  Now, I just feel 
fortunate if I'm warm enough and don't fall down.

We stay at the Westin Monache.  It is the newest
hotel/condominium project in Mammoth.  Of course,
I can't go anywhere without analyzing the lighting.  
The lighting gets an A+ in my book.  It is layered 
well and shows all of the architecture perfectly.

In the summer it was fun to sit in the jacuzzi, but it might
be too cold this trip.  I'm told the ground has a heating
system.  It helps to keep the paths free of snow--very cool.

The lobby has amazing lighting.  Behind the front desk
there is a sculptural piece of the Devil's Post Pile.  There
are down lights that graze the front of it.  As you can see
from the picture below, over the seating area there are loads 
of pendants and the wall has a niche area with faux candles.  
It's all done really well.  

Lighting makes such a difference!

I'm wondering if they are decorated for Christmas.

Hope you are all enjoying this season of lights!!


  1. Fun Cindy!! And I am so with you, if I look OK and dont' fall down and hurt myself...its considered to be a successful day!! Enjoy....and safe and happy skiing!

  2. I am definitely not a skier you don't put a klutz on something that's Love the chandelier in the lobby that thing is amazing! Enjoy your little holiday!

  3. Hope you are having a great time! I couldn't stand on ski's if someone paid me a million dollars! LOL LOL

    Be careful!



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