Tuesday, August 23, 2011

By The Beautiful Sea

I love, love these pictures.  Blues and emeralds just tug at my heart.
My son loves to make fun of me when I drive by the beach near our
home and start to ooohhhh and aaahhhh at the color of the water.

Love the drapery panels on the bed in the first picture.  There is
something so romantic about panels rustling in the breeze.

Look at that beautiful ceiling!  It's always a great idea to put a fan
in a bedroom.  Fans save energy by cooling in the summer.  And...
did you know, they can be reversed and used to warm a space in the


  1. I love the sea, or a lake, or a pond or a stream. Water is so beautiful and inviting. It soothes our souls. I have a ceiling fan over our bed and it is always on.
    Blessings always~

  2. I couldn't agree with you more! We have a ceiling fan in most of our rooms w/o the light kits. I don't like light kits on fans. I like to use table lamps for lighting. There are a lot of designers who don't like fans in bedrooms or any rooms for that matter.

    Don't try to take a ceiling fan out of a house or apartment in Texas. You absolutely need them here!


  3. What beautiful inspiration you've provided. I love the white with the dark wood and the serenity of the sea. So pretty.

  4. Oh wow, you have such a lovely blog Cindy!
    I came over to thank you for the message you left for me about the garden, and found your beautiful place.
    thank you!


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