Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Place of Mystery

The bed is a place of mystery.
It shares our secrets and knows our truths.
It is here that we are born.
As our lives unfold and we grow older, our relationship with the bed deepens and evolves.
Thresholds of experience are crossed here--we encounter the solitude of childhood,
embrace the passionate dreams of youth, and mature into the comfortable realities
of love and marriage.
Our refuge through happiness and pleasure, sickness and pain, the bed
accompanies us throughout life, until in death it becomes a metaphor
for our final rite of passage.

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  1. Cindy,

    I really love this post and find that bedroom stunning! The quote is a wise one. I also find that whenever I am in need of contemplating a serious decision in my life, going to my bedroom offers me the solitude and comfort I need to think through the situation at hand.

    Cheery regards,



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